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I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK). Currently, I am working with data from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) to model the relationships between ‘healthiness’, ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘cost’ of UK diets, using our newly developed NDNS nutrient database. The aim of this work is to establish determinants of healthy and sustainable diets.



From 2017 to 2020, I was a Research Fellow at the Health Services Research Unit (HSRU) at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK). I was part of the Knowledge Syntheses Team which conducts high-quality research to inform health care professionals, policymakers and service users across a wide range of health care interventions. Through our work we incorporate evidence synthesis, modelling and economic evaluations, primarily to identify which health care interventions work best, for whom and at which cost; identify ‘proven changes’ that should occur within the health services; and identify gaps where further research is required.



I have been an Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (aFHEA) since 2020. 

I have experience teaching higher education in Mexico, Spain, and the UK. I have delivered lectures in the Challenges in Global Nutrition course and Systematic Review course for postgraduate students. I have also been involved in teaching Education, Ethics and Communication for undergraduate Human Nutrition and Physiotherapy Degrees. I also experience supervising Master´s degree students in their Master's projects. Also, I have designed and delivered workshops about evidence synthesis to undergraduate and postgraduate students, higher education lecturers, and the general public.


My academic background comprises:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Integral Wellbeing (BSc, Hons)

  • Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (MSc)

  • Doctorate degree in Biomedicine & Nutrition (PhD, Magna Cum Laude) 



Along my research career, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with great institutions such as the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy, as well as the Centre of Adolescent Health Research Unit (CAHRU). Both located at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Furthermore, I have also collaborated with the Technological Centre of Nutrition and Health (CTNS) located in Reus, Spain.

Other information

I am a member of The Cochrane Collaboration, which is an organisation that uses high-quality information to make health decisions. 

I am part of the Board of Editors for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB, USA), which is the official journal of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour that represents the unique professional interests of nutrition educators worldwide. Also I am a Review Editor for the International Journal of Public Health (IJPH), which publishes scientific articles relevant to global public health, from different countries and cultures, and assembles them into issues that raise awareness and understanding of public health problems and solutions. 

I am the leader of the Academic Initiatives of RedGlobalMX-UK. This is a network of professionals interested in fostering cooperation between Mexico and the UK. 

I am the spokeswoman in Europe of the Women Leaders in STEAM programme from the U.S.-Mexico Leaders network. 

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