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As a woman working in and for health and nutrition sciences, I tend to think broader about how science interacts with the real world and translates into better environments so that people can make healthier choices. I have used both, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and have fieldwork experience in clinical nutrition, health promotion, nutritional interventions, and evidence synthesis.

Personally, I enjoy anything related to food, and I have a particular interest in its scientific background (composition, production, acquisition, preparation, and consumption), and of course, its impact over health. The cultural, historical, and sociological side of food endlessly fascinates me. For me, it is captivating how food has the power to shape health, behaviours, identities, cultures, and communities. I am very interested in research topics that include food, nutrition, eating habits and their effect on health.  Also, I am very interested in teaching and practicing evidence-based nutrition. 

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I have had the opportunity to be involved in #PublicEngagement activities. Through such activities, sharing information of my daily work had showed me that public engagement comprises interaction and listening, that results in a mutual learning.

In addition, I have learnt to value #YouthParticipation in my daily work. I truly believe that involving young people might define the effectiveness of any campaign or programme intended to improve their wellbeing.

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As a woman working in and for science, I tend to think wider on how my work relates with the real world and how to improve it.

I am a huge supporter of #WomenInScience. More women are needed in the scientific environment and once they are in it, we need to retain them. There are -still- many stereotypes and gaps that need to be avoided, and I am more than willing to help to achieve so. I am the Spokeswoman in Europe for the program Women Leaders in STEAM, from the U.S.-Mexico Leaders Network.

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